Welcome to Inouora

Inouora is continuously scouting new talent to fulfill the growing needs of our clients. We specialize in assessing our partners’ unique projects and recruiting skilled healthcare professionals to improve productivity and maximize return on investment.

We proudly employ A/R executives & callers, medical coders & billing professionals.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our billing, coding, and call center professionals operate as an extension of your office to improve productivity and increase ROI.

Who We Are

Inouora is a leading RCM solutions firm with 5 years of experience aligning the healthcare industry with customized revenue cycle and call center services.

About Michael.


The security principle addresses whether an organization system is protected (both physically & logically) against unauthorized access.


The availability principle addresses whether the services an organization provide are operating with the type of availability that client's expect.


The confidentiality principle addresses the agreements made with clients in how their information is used and protected.

What our client say about us

“Using the medical products supplied by GEMS Medical System has helped me satisfy my customers by and large in every way. The availability of all kinds of medical products required under one umbrella has helped us save on a lot of time and effort. Their keen desire to grow and satisfy their customers has propelled me to come back again and again to GEMS Medical System”

Mr. Ryan M, Procurement Manager, UK

“My association with GEMS Medical System has been for a number of years. The products I have used till date are of superior quality and long term durability. My complete satisfaction with their products propels me to further recommend it to other clients.”

M. Uchechukwu, Nigeria

“GEMS Medical System has wide range of products that are verygood in quality. It is very convenient for my company to geteverything under one stop and at a very reasonable price”

Wasim Ahmed, Head of Purchase Department, Saudi Arabia.